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Women coming together to stand strong in challenging times offering useful motivational tips to propel you forward! As women we create the space and support for other women to follow. Join us to hear top women entrepreneurs sharing must-know entrepreneur lessons and tips – nothing changes until you change!

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Our distinguished speakers will share their knowledge on the latest insights and market trends, business intelligence, the future of communications, smart integrated marketing tools, data protection and privacy regulations, brand reputation management and so much more.

Session 1, 31 August 2021

Welcome Message Zoom Nadia Hearn

“Women are the catalysts of positive change - in their families, homes, work life and communities!” Nadia Hearn

How to keep redesigning yourself and your business to stay motivated and relevant. Zoom Shanaaz Trethewey - CEO of RentMaster and Leading Businesswoman

During her corporate journey, Shanaaz realised that she had a passion for building businesses and that understanding business structures and strategic organisational design fascinated her.  Her extensive experience in finance, organisational design, strategy has led her to her current desigination -  Shanaaz Trethewey, CEO of RentMaster. She can share her own tips on how to keep redesigning yourself and your business to stay motivated and relevant. 


About Shanaaz - she knows first-hand how quickly the rental process can go from a peaceful dream of passive income to a nightmare of debt collection and emotional stress. As a property owner herself, she knows how time-consuming and risky being a landlord is and she is passionate about spearheading RentMaster, which makes tenants and landlords lives harmonious, fair and stress-free.

How to believe in yourself and your dreams. Zoom Jessica Molebatsi - Creative Fashion Designer, Entrepreneur

Believes that every woman has intrinsic worth, when expressed through clothing it unveils their true feminine nature and beauty to the world. By unveiling a woman’s self-worth, she is empowering women – she will share her own story and top lessons on how to believe in yourself and your dreams. 

About Jessica - Fashion designer and founder of the JessicaJane label has been invited to show her unique Feminine Couture on the international runway in Paris for the February/March 2022 season of Paris Fashion Week. This is a massive accolade for a local fashion designer to be scouted and recognised for her unique fashion talent alongside other top international designers. 


She believes in creating clothing that reflects a woman’s true value and feminine beauty. Carving a niche for herself in Feminine Couture, Jessica’s passion is to help women feel confident, beautiful, and valued.

Steps to renew your sense of style and boost your self-confidence! Zoom Jill Hector - Property Specialist, Personal Stylist and Entrepreneur

A born entrepreneur, property specialist, personal stylist and makeup artist. Jill will share how her sense of style became her career and also the impact of her professional look on her business success daily. She is going to provide you with 3-steps you can take if you’re looking to renew your sense of style and boost your self-confidence! We can all agree we feel as good as we look! 

Her extensive styling knowledge expands over a decade and includes working for international and local brands such as Milady’s, Topshop, Edgars, and Mac Cosmetics with many incredible testimonials and a 100% customer service rate!

Jill Hector is an intern property specialist at Century 21 Helderberg and Stellenbosch. Her goal is to help buyers and sellers make their property move quickly and easily and to provide customer service that is sincere and valuable.

 I pride myself as an entrepreneur dedicated to customer service! - Jill Hector

Secrets on how to create your own successful, abundant and happy life Zoom Margaret Hirsch - Executive Director of the Hirsch’s Homestore Group, A Leading Example to Businesswomen in Southern Africa

Margaret come from a humble background to co-founding – with her husband, Allan - and running the billion-rand Appliance and Electronic retail organisation, Hirsch’s. She will share some milestones from her own journey as a female entrepreneur and share her top secrets on how to create your own success, abundant and happy life.

Margaret has been recognised through her efforts in building a successful business, and her determination to give back to the community by. over the last ten years, winning a multitude of business awards, including three Lifetime Achievement Awards in Business and Entrepreneurship.

Comfort Break (10min)

Session 2, 31 August 2021

How to stay positively focussed on business and what you create! Zoom Grace Stevens - Award-winning TV chef, Cookbook Author, Mom-Entrepreneur

It is Grace's dream that women are inspired and take their skills and share them with their loved ones or convert them into profitable sustainable businesses. She believes that empowering women is extremely important as they are the heart of many homes, families and communities, and are often in the best position to pass along the skills. She will share her story as a mom-entrepreneur and influencer. Grace will give you her checklist on how to stay positively focussed on your business and what you are creating, using examples that have worked for her! 

Grace is an award-winning TV chef, cookbook author and mastermind behind Grace Stevens' everyday baking and decorating – having successfully taken her two passions, baking and teaching, and seamlessly combining them into insightful and entertaining culinary classes.

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Grow and scale with your business, lessons on how to grow from local to national. Zoom Debra Matake - Local Success Story Founder of Eden All Natural, Entrepreneur

Founder and manager of the successful business of Eden All Natural as the managing director, Debra has been in charge of finding ways to grow her company, get the product on the shelves of as many stores as possible, creating an outstanding public image and ensuring the company’s philanthropic goals are being met. She will tell her inspiring founder's story and how she grew her business, not without challenges. Hear her top 3 lessons you can learn from to grow nationally. 

About Debra - she holds a Diploma in Business Management from the University of Zimbabwe. She has worked in various senior management positions where she gained vast experience in leading people and steering businesses, the most recent being Cherry Melon and Vanidha Tour & Travel.

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How to keep energised and motivated in your home and work space Zoom Kim Williams – Creative entrepreneur in combining design and behavioural strategies

Kim will share with you her personal journey and lessons learnt as an entrepreneur, interior designer, and creative behaviour strategist, and how these have shaped her perspective of the design process. Her experiences will continue to shape her perspective of the world, of people’s behaviour and the spaces we live in, as the ebb and flow of life continues moving forward. You’ll also hear Kim’s top tips on how to keep energised and motivated in your own spaces. 

“I want every space to sing. To be heard. To be understood. To be lived in. To make a difference in someone’s life. Like mine has done for me. I am positive my talk will send you on a journey to life and work better in your own spaces” – Kim Williams  


Kim is a well-respected entrepreneur and runs a full-service Cape Town-based interior design studio. She is known for her unique approach to interiors which blends creative, behavioural and design strategies, and Kim has carved a niche for herself as a creative behaviour strategist focused on designing interior spaces.  Kim’s deepest passion centres around designing to positively impact the physical and emotional health of her client’s so that they can live their best possible life – at home and work. 

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